Свадебное видео - Антон и Женя

("Ожидания - Реальность") 

(Wedding Video Anton Zhenya) 

100 seconds of withering

100 секунд увядания

My Term Paper, 2012 / Семестровая работа, 2012 год.

2 month of picturing.

This work was done as a Term Paper in the British Higher School of Art and Design in 2012 and then used by many artists for their music videos.  

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The Sea

Про море

Mediation movie about the black sea. The movie made in Sochi during the Olympic Games after a a very heavy storm.

Available at Youku soon

Contact improvisation

Контактная импровизация

A short movie about Contact improvisation, dance style with no order. It's main idea - to be in contact tactile with your partner and save the balance dancing together whatever you do... Please enjoy this beautiful dance. 


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SOLLERS Car Producing Factory, Time Lapse.

A High Speed movie about how cars are assembled. The view from inside the factory. How it works!

Music by Phaeleh

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Fashion Photo Shoot back stage

Video by Alexei Chukhutin Ekaterina Chernova's design shoot back stage design - Ekaterina Chetnova make up - Anna Zakhozhaya photographer - Anton Kurlaev 

model - Sasha Raush 

camera - Alexei Chukhutin Music by TOOL

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Underwater shooting, water pool with the transparent bottom

Will be available at Youku

Olga and her horse, Chris.

Concur competition

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Halloween party in Red Square restaurant

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Gangsta party in Red Square

2 year Anniversary of the Red Square Restaurant in Shanghai Gangsta Style Camera - Alexei Chukhutin